Ferrier Coupler, Inc


The Ferrier Coupler is the first device in the prosthetic industry that is truly quick coupling and self aligning. Lower limb component changes are being made in seconds by patients and C.P.s alike. The materials used are of high tech, quality construction, with "user friendly" being the prime consideration with all our products.


Our Value

In its continuing effort to create quality products for amputees and C.P.s, Ferrier Coupler, Inc. is offering the Trowbridge Terra-Round (T5), a 3.5" round grip foot with a flex stem for clinical, shower, and all terrain use. Much research has been done by us in the proper design of this device to allow the patient to negotiate rough ground, hillsides, soft sand, and also use in water (showers, wading, launching a boat, etc.)

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