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Carbon fiber materials have been the defacto standard in prosthetic feet for decades. However, prosthetists have told us that carbon fiber isn’t optimal due to its limited flexibility, breakage and catastrophic failure rate. Our engineering team was listening and realized that new materials and technology would provide the solution.

The team at Ability Dynamics has created the RUSH™ Foot, a new and radically design offering amputees the opportunity to live the life they love without being held back by fear and limitation. We understand that comfort leads to confidence, and that confidence leads to a person’s true potential. That’s why lower extremity amputee mobility challenges are at the forefront of our innovative prosthetic foot designs; the RUSH87™, RUSH81™ and RUSH76™. The RUSH™ Foot’s superior engineering delivers the most realistic and responsive foot and ankle motion available today with zero “dead spots” and a smooth, natural feel.


Innovation is a Beautiful Thing

“We have learned that great engineering is vital to disruptive products,” says J. Blount Swain, President of Ability Dynamics. “We have engineered a prosthetic foot that provides a vastly improved quality of life for amputees. The RUSH™ Foot’s design makes it the most dynamic and responsive foot on the market for all.”

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