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מגוון כפפות עשויות סיליקון ו PVC לקבלת מראה ועמידות מושלמים.
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There are several different cosmetic gloves within our range, utilising the latest in silicone and PVC polymer materials to achieve the maximum benefits in aesthetic appearance and durability for upper limb amputees. Furthermore, the materials are impermeable to water and in the case of silicone gloves, are stain resistant..


These gloves fit all Steeper Passive (foam), Mechanical and Electric hands. Our range also includes the new extra length Elegance gloves in PVC and silicone – designed to fit Steeper “Select” range mechanical hands, as well as Otto Bock System mechanical and electric hands.


Silicone / PVC
We are also pleased to offer our range of Two-Tone gloves – available with selectable palmar and dorsal skin shades. Note that these gloves are provided in PVC only.
Elegance range
Responding to clinical requests, we have made our Elegance range of silicone and PVC gloves in our new extra long style. This allows smooth transitions over the proximal socket brim and where needed, an extension to mid upper arm, providing a unique continuous silicone glove cosmesis.

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