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כף יד מכאנית
כף יד מכאנית מופעלת כבל וקפיץ או לבחירה כבל לפתיחה ולסגירה. קיימת במספר גדלים.


Hands – Mechanical / Spring Operated
The next generation of cable and spring operated prosthetic hands. Our advanced materials and manufacturing processes make these our most detailed, durable and lightweight cable and spring operated hands ever.


* Four sizes from Child to Adult.
* Front and back pull or spring close options available.
* A range of handplates allows connection to Steeper and other manufacturers’ wrist systems.
* A choice of three cable terminations are supplied with the cable pull options.


Compatible with our range of full-length Elegance™ cosmetic gloves in either PVC or silicone. Available in 19 skin shades. Micro-pigmentation TrueFinish™ or Standard finish can be provided.


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