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As a valued Gilron client, we are committed to providing you with the most comprehensive, professional service and timely service. This is what you deserve and this is Gilron’s commitment to you.

The leading Israeli Company

Gilron is the foremost Israeli importer and distributor of orthopedic, rehabilitation and daily living (ADL) products. The company was established in 2002 and offers a wide and exclusive range of items from the world’s leading specialists in:

  • Prosthetic
  • Orthopedics
  • Rehabilitation and Mobility
  • Daily Living products

All of our products are of international standards and comply with the strictest quality and safety specifications.  Our products are acquired from the world’s leading and most clinically-experienced manufacturers in the industry.

Gilron represents over 20 major global manufacturers of orthopedic, rehabilitation and daily living items, including: Blatchford, Freedom, Proteor,Silipos,  Alps, Trulife, Fillauer, Esp and others.

As a supplier, Gilron is authorized by the Israeli Ministries of Health and Defense. Our clients include private and government hospitals, orthopedic clinics, and Israeli public health services.

We Pride Ourselves on Professionalism
Gilron employees undergo intensive training in order to provide our customers the most professional, timely and reliable service possible. Representatives at the Gilron customer service center are ready to swiftly answer any question or deal with any request you may have. Our professional staff has extensive and specialized medical knowledge and experience. Thanks to its direct contact with the world’s leading research institutes and companies and participation in ADL conferences, our staff  is up to date with the latest and most advanced treatment methods. Gilron employees stand out for their professionalism and high service orientation, and will handle your order as though it were their own.

We Are Committed to Providing Unparalleled Service
We understand that each client may be different and may have different needs. Gilron believes in tailoring products and services to the specific needs of each client. We also understand the value of quality and safety and never compromise on this. Gilron upholds the Just-in-Time operation method, which ensures delivery times are short, as well as provide a substantial, cost-free customization benefit, covering everything from product shades to activity levels. All products are meet international standards, comply with strict quality and safety regulations, and are manufactured by the world’s most respect, technologically advanced and , clinically-successful manufacturers.

Professionalism, reliability and customer value are the foundations upon which Gilron rests, and are considered critical to its success.

We see our clients as long-term partners.  We believe that they are entitled to the best products and service – and of course, our commitment extends beyond the initial sale to providing exception customer service after the purchasing from us.

You deserve the best!

Ilan Binder

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