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Accent – כף רגל מתכוונת לנשים


האקסנט מספקת התאמה של גובה העקב עד 5 ס”מ באמצעות לחיצת כפתור פשוטה. כף הרגל מגיעה עם מעטפת רכה הננעלת בתוך הכיסוי מונעת קריסה כאשר הרגל בגובהי עקב שונים. גימור קוסמטי איכותי כולל הפרדת אצבעות.

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College Park



The Accent provides 2″ (5 cm) of heel height adjustment through a simple push of a button. The foot comes with a contoured, soft shin fairing that locks into the shell and prevents cosmetic buckling when the foot is adjusted at various heel heights. The Accent provides a service-free option for individuals who desire a cosmetically appealing foot.


MORE RANGE THAN EVER – The Accent has 13 increments of adjustment that lock securely into place, unlike some other heel-height adjustment feet which only have 5. With an easy-to-adjust button located in the ankle, the foot accommodates a wide range of shoes including flats, cowboy boots and high-heels.

COSMETIC OPTIONS – The Accent Enviroshell® comes with a sandal toe feature and a narrow or wide width option. A soft, contoured ankle fairing is included to complete the look.

INTELLIWEAVE® COMPOSITE – College Park’s proprietary Intelliweave® composite technology brings the maximum amount of strength and flexibility. The fibers are woven by hand in a 3D pattern for ultimate durability and precision gait matching.

DYNAMIC SHANK OPTION – The dynamic shank version provides additional movement and flexibility. A cutting jig is included, making the pylon simple to fit and cut.


Impact Level: Low to Moderate
Mounting: Endo (IP), Dynamic Pylon (DP)
Weight Limit: 220lbs / 100Kg (21-24 cm), 250lbs / 113Kg (25-28 cm)
Size Range: 21-28 cm
Clearance: 8.5-9.9 cm (IP), 19.8-21.5 cm (DP)
Foot Weight: 608g (IP) 761g (DP) w/pylon

Color Options

Shell Type: Sandal Toe
Shell Width: Narrow & Wide
Includes: Endo foot with bonded foot shell and ankle fairing. Dynamic Pylon foot aslo includes DP sleeve and choice of pylon adapter.




College Park

College Park
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