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GripGel – ליינרי ג’ל בצפיפות גבוהה. פתרון מצויין עבור משתמשים פעילים.
EasyGel – ליינרים שהם האפשרות טובה ביותר עבור חולי סוכרת או חולים עם עור רגיש.

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GripGel or High Density Gel Liners

Our solutions for active amputees

The ALPS ECO Liner features a new distal construction with reduced stretch to control distal distraction.
Using less energy to produce, the ECO Liner has a new seamless knitted construction with a chic new look.
It is available in a Locking or Cushion Liner with the ALPS High Density Gel to provide active amputees with a better degree of control.

SmartSeal Liner
The ALPS Smart Seal Liner features raised bands that grip the socket wall to form a secure interface. The low modulus bands stretch against the socket wall, while the smooth inner wall conforms easily to the residual limb. The Smart Seal Liner has a new seamless knitted construction with a modern look and is available in locking and cushion suspension.
The locking version features a new distal construction to control distal distraction.

Superior Performance Liner
The ALPS Superior Performance prosthetic gel liner is ideal for active amputees. The SP Liner features a NEW black fabric that allows for comfort and stability; it’s available with ALPS Grip Gel or with High Density Gel.

Anterior-Posterior Tapered Liner
The ALPS AP Tapered Liner is gradually tapered from the anterior to the posterior to provide superior comfort for the amputee. This liner is available in a pin and lock system or suction suspension. The AP Tapered Liner features our black high performance fabric with gel to assist in reducing bunching in the popliteal region.

Extreme Liner
The ALPS Extreme Liner is a prosthetic gel liner specifically designed for transfemoral and active transtibial amputees. It is available in High Density or Grip Gel to satisfy the needs of most patients. ALPS Extreme Liner has 80% less vertical stretch than ALPS other gel liners, which provides more control and stability.

General Purpose Liner
The General Purpose prosthetic Gel Liner combines softness, strength, and elasticity from the ALPS Grip Gel. This provides the comfort and durability users expect. The superior elongation from this prosthetic liner does not restrict blood flow in a patient ’s limb. Also, this liner is easy for a patient to don/doff especially for geriatric lower limb amputees.

Liberty Liner
ALPS Liberty Liner II allows the expulsion of sweat and air through a built-in valve either through the pin or reducer.
The one-way evacuation valve has be en strategically placed distally to evacuate any air between the user’s skin and the liner.

EasyGel Liners

The best choices for diabetics or patients with sensitive skin

ALPS EasyLiner is a prosthetic gel liner containing an antioxidant that is an effective scavenger of free radicals and hydroxyl groups, with beneficial effects on the skin of the residual limb. ALPS EasyLiner combines softness, strength, and elasticity from the ALPS EasyGel. This provides the comfort and durability amputees expect. It’s our recommended choice for diabetic patients.

EasyLiner SuperStretch
ALPS EasyLiner SuperStretch is a prosthetic gel liner that combines the softness, strength, and elasticity of the ALPS EasyGel into a gel liner without the restriction of a fabric cover. The ELPX allows complete freedom of movement and achieves superior total contact with the skin without restricting blood flow. The liner also takes advantage of the lower coefficient of friction found only with the EasyGel enabling the skin to be relieved of shear forces.

PSI Liner
ALPS PSI Liner allows the suspension sleeve to seal on the liner just proximal to the trim lines of a transtibial socket. The fabric cover located distally allows the air to wick out of the prosthesis. ALPS EasyGel provides comfort and durability while combining strength, softness, and elasticity. The PSI can be used in conjunction with a current valve suction or vacuum systems being used in the market today.



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