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DAWFlo Knee Disarticulation Ensemble


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גרבי הצמר של DAWFLO אשר זכו להכרה עולמית כגרב הפרוסטטית המשובחת ביותר, מספקות את הטיפול האולטימטיבי בגפה באמצעות תמיכה בהחזרה הורידית. פריצת דרך טכנית, בשילוב התפירה המסורתית מביאות לרמה ואיכות שאין להן מתחרים.

יתרונות מרכזיים:

  • הגברת מחזור הדם באמצעות לחץ (משופע)
  • שיפור ההחזרה הורידית- קצב זרימת הדם חזרה אל הלב.
  • עוזרת בשמירה על עור יבש.
  • בעלת מנגנון חסימת לחות
  • יושבת על הגדם בצורה נוחה ויעילה.
  • הגרב קיימת במגוון רחב של מידות
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The knee disarticulation amputee has always had special needs and requirements due to the shape and length of their residual limb. This contoured Sock and Sheath provides all the benefits of the DAWFLO™ combination system with the added advantage of a perfect fit without the need of custom factory ordering.


  • Circulation enhancement through gradient pressure.
  • Helps venous return.
  • Capillary stimulation.
  • Moisture barrier.
  • Helps skin dry.
  • Frictionless ensemble without piston action.
  • Unique limb/prosthesis bond.
  • Available in size 2-3-4-5 from 18”/46cm to 22”/56cm long.

The DAWFlo Sock has a soft side, made of pure wool, that “clings” to the outside of the DAWFlo Sheath. The 100% virgin wool soaks in the residual perspiration and the DAWFlo Sheath acts as a screen, keeping your skin dry. The DAWFlo Sheath and Sock become integrated, yet keep their individual functions. An outer surface, made of synthetic fibers, provides better adherence to the inside of the socket. Its patented design will not shrink after machine washing, thus providing non-stop vascular enhancement.

When properly fitted, it supports the skin and muscle tissue of the residual limb. The DAWFlo Sock is highly effective in helping to create a perfect, total fit of the prosthesis to the limb. Available in 3, 5, and 6-ply. The special design allows for easy circulation of the air, thus evaporating perspiration. Besides wool, it can also be ordered in cotton.

The DAWFlo Sheath has a soft surface next to the skin made of the finest sheer material. An outside surface grips the DAWFlo Sock, preventing movement between Sheath and Sock. It also provides a ventilated mesh which allows perspiration to pass through. The seamless distal end ensures the smoothest surface for the delicate tissues of your residual limb.



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