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Echelon ER


כף הרגל אשלון החדשה

טווח תנועה הוגדל מ °9 ל °25 בכך מאפשר תנועת קרסול רחבה יותר
מקל על העמידה ועל הישיבה
שיפור משמעותי בהליכה במשטחים לא ישרים ובעליות וירידות.
עמיד במים !!!
אפשרות לכיסוי עם הפרדת אצבעות
פירמידה מחוררת להוצאת המים מהצינור לאחר כניסה למים.

Brands:: Blatchford


The award winning echelon prosthetic foot
EchelonER is our latest hydraulic ankle and broadens the Echelon Range by combining all the unique features and award-winning technology of Echelon with an extended range of ankle movement.Featuring an all-new robust and waterproof design, the extended range provides users with even more ground compliance on steep slopes and uneven terrain. Combined with improved accommodation of heel height, users have greater flexibility with footwear choice and a seamless transition to barefoot walking is possible. EchelonER also self-aligns with the ground when users are seated which enables a relaxed foot position, a natural look, and reduces pressure on the residual limb.The result is a robust foot that is adaptable for more demanding activities and provides flexibility in day-to-day life to enable users to explore what’s possible.


Key Features
  • Extended range of movement – up to 25°
  • Improved flexibility of footwear choice with the option of barefoot walking
  • Natural sitting & standing
  • Robust & waterproof design
  • Specially designed pyramid interface to allow water to escape from within the tube
  • Echelon hydraulic ankle technology
  • E-Carbon foot spring technology


Max. User Weight: 125kg* / 275lb*

Activity Level: 3

Size Range: 22-30cm

Component Weight: 770gr

Build Height: 142mm sizes 22-24; 147mm sizes 25-26; 152mm sizes 27-30

Heel Height: 10mm


*Maximum user weight 100kg and always use one higher spring rate category than shown in the Spring Set Selection table.



Gilron Pharm
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