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כף רגל אוגרת אנרגיה קלת משקל , עשויה מסיבי משקל לרמות פעילות K2-K3 לשימוש יום יומי .

Freedom Innovation


Sophisticated Simplicity

The Senator Prosthetic Foot is a lightweight, economical, energy returning product that shares composite engineering features with our advanced Freedom Series product line. It is designed to meet the needs of low to moderately active K3 level amputees seeking a prosthetic foot that will allow them to ambulate at varied speeds and participate in daily activities such as bicycling, golfing, hiking, and even light jogging.
The Senator Prosthetic Foot is a lightweight, durable, prosthetic foot that is simple to fit and finish. It is sophisticated simplicity at its best, delivering substantial energy return and a smooth gait.


•Lightweight, energy-return design facilitates smooth, easy stride so users can walk farther, faster using less energy
•Simulated ankle motion provides a stable base of support throughout stance phase
•Foot is not pre-bonded to the foot shell, allowing access to the foot module and simplifying the use of heel wedges to improve alignment
•Six stiffness categories and low or moderate impact levels enhance customization to ensure ultimate comfort and stability
•Integral male pyramid attachment simplifies the fitting process
•Ideal for low to moderately active amputees weighing up to 300 lbs (136 kg), enhancing the range of amputees who can utilize this technology


  • Sizes: 22 – 31 cm
  • User Weight Rating: 300 lbs. (136kg)
  • Stiffness Categories: 1 – 6
  • Connector: Integral male pyramid
  • Heel Height: 3/8″ (10 mm)
  • Skin Tones: Light, Medium, Dark



Freedom Innovation

Freedom Innovation
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