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כף רגל עם החזר אנרגיה משופר , תנועה רב צירית , פרופיל צר לגימור קוסמטי גבוה , מיועד לקטועים עד למשקל 166 ק”ג ברמת פעילות 3 .

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The Silhouette Prosthetic Foot offers multi-axial motion and refined cosmetics in a lightweight, flexible design. A highly responsive energy storage and return device, the Silhouette is manufactured using specially engineered carbon fiber lay-ups so that users feel comfortable for long periods of time. The product features a dynamic posterior attached heel and compliant toe, enabling truly smooth roll-over and natural gait. A sole plate with tri-durometer urethane strips, a narrowed keel and a flexible pylon provide multi-axial motion with a natural lateral to medial rollover, allowing amputees to maneuver uneven terrain with ease.


•Multi-axial motion allows users to maneuver uneven terrain with confidence and ease
•Strong, yet lightweight and flexible carbon fiber construction delivers energy return so that users can walk farther, faster, using less energy
•Slim profile facilitates a refined and easy-to-achieve cosmetic finish
•Advanced dual heel system provides dynamic response to normal ambulation with an override spring for security during higher activities
•Ideal for low to moderate impact K3 amputees
•Choose between the dynamic pylon configuration (RS4) for maximum flexibility or the low profile version (RS5) with an integral male pyramid for a simplified fitting process
•The optional Versa Clamp provides an easy fix for pylons cut too short or delivers the space needed for a locking pin (sold separately)

  • Sizes: 22 – 31 cm
  • User Weight Rating: 365 lbs. (166kg)
  • Stiffness Categories: 1-9
  • Connector: Silhouette 34mm female tube clamp; Silhouette LP male pyramid
  • Heel Height: 3/8″ (10 mm)
  • Skin Tones: Light, Medium, Dark


Freedom Innovation

Freedom Innovation
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