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כיסויים בהתאמה אישית

תהליך ההזמנה והייצור מבוסס על טכנולוגיות תלת מימד. ההזמנה מבוצעת באמצעות אפליקציית Aqualeg Ipad בשילוב חיישן תלת ממדי. לאחר הדיגיטציה של התותבת, הטכנאים יעצבו בצורה מותאמת אישית את הכיסוי. אין צורך לשלוח את התותבת.

הכיסוי בא במקום הספוג המסורתי ומאפשר רחצה וכניסה למים

הכיסוי בנוי מחומר סילקוני מיוחד הנותן הגנה לפרוטזה לעוסקים בספורט .

תוצרת Aqualeg

Brands:: DAW


The order and fabrication process are based on 3D technologies. The order is carried out using an Aqualeg Ipad application combined with the 3D Structure Sensor. Once the prosthesis and the sound limb are digitized, the technicians will design a 3D personalized shape. It is not necessary to send the prosthesis. We send the prosthetista shape validation form that can be modified according to his comments. After fabrication, the cover is sent by with a courier.

– Reduces the risk of bacterial growth at home or in hospital environments.
Unlike traditional PU foams or PLASTAZOTE, the soft shell used by Aqualeg is not nutrient for bacteria. Its smooth surface finish enables quick cleaning. With a regular antibacterial wipe, the most of bacteria are removed in seconds.
– The soft shell material is resistant to most chemicals: acetone, acids, alcohol and cleaning products.
It protects the prosthesis in harsch environments (construction sites, industries etc …).
– Protects the prosthesis and around.
The semi-flexible feature of this material and its composite structure makes it extremely resistant to shocks, scratches or tears. It protects fragile prosthetic components like hoses.
Shock absorption also protects objects or people during sports activities, in particular in case of collisions between players.
The AQUALEG soft shell is very highly resistant to fire/heat unlike traditional foams.
Its exposure to high heat or to fire does not lead to any change in the material structure or material projections.
The soft shell complies with the DIN 75 200 and FMVSS 302 standards.
The AQUALEG soft shell is compatible with water use (clear water, chlorinated water, salt water etc.).
During immersion, the prosthesis fills with water, which results in neutral buoyancy.
The prosthesis drains in seconds at foot height.



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