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Truper foot – כף רגל לילדים


כף הרגל טרופר המוקשחת משלבת אגירת אנרגיה גבוהה עם יציבות מעולה ללילדים אבל לא רק. חלק העקב הקידמי והבולמים הגמישים של הרגל אוגרים אנרגיה למעבר חלק ומבוקר מעמידה לריצה. הטרופר מיועדת להתאמה קלה לילדים, מציעה שני טווחי גודל המספקים גמישות לאורך גיל ההתבגרות.

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College Park



The rugged Truper foot combines high energy with stability for active kids. The foot’s flexible foreheel and bumpers store energy for a smooth, controlled transition from standing to running. Made to easily adjust for growing children, the Truper offers two size ranges that provide flexibility through adolescence.


UNPARALLELED INCLINE/DECLINE – The front bumper compresses to flex the foot and drop the heel for natural movement. The rear bumper compress on decline to draw the toe down for additional ground contact and stability.

DESIGNED WITH PLAY IN MIND – KID TOUGH – Truper was designed especially for active children. Our extra durable foot is built for the toughest of activities, allowing kids to be kids.

GROWTH CAPABILITIES – The Truper can adapt quickly to growing kids with custom growth plate kits and interchangeable foreheels.

INTEGRATED BUMPERS – Integrated bumpers are made of aircraft-grade polymer for longevity.


Impact Level: High
Mounting Mounting: Endo (IP) / Exo(ALX)
Weight Limit: 100lbs / 45Kg (16-18 cm) 132lbs / 60Kg (19-21 cm)
Size Range: 16-21 cm
Clearance” 2.1″-2.4″ (5.3-6.1 cm) (IP), 4.3″-4.6″ (11.0-11.8 cm) (ALX)
Weight: 215-314g

Color Options

Shell Type: Sandal Toe
Shell Width: Standard
Includes: Foot, foot shell, CPI sock, optional sealing boot (Exo Block sold separately).



College Park

College Park
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