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כף רגל אוגרת אנרגיה עשויה מסיבי פחם בעלת פרופיל נמוך מיועד לבעלי גדם ארוך המעוניינים בהליכה מהירה קלילה ויציבה לאורך זמן.
הפירמידה נמצאת נמוך בתוך כיסוי כף הרגל דבר המאפשר גימור קוסמטי מושלם .

Freedom Innovation


Because Height Matters

The Pacifica is ideal for users with long residual limbs, due to its low profile design. In contrast with competing low profile foot products, which may feel stiff and uncomfortable, Pacifica users experience flexibility and energy return allowing them to walk farther, faster, longer. The lightweight and durable design requires less energy expenditure so that amputees are comfortable on their feet for longer periods of time. The pyramid lies within the foot shell, simplifying the cosmetic finishing process. A low build height also provides room for additional componentry, such as a rotator or shock absorber which can provide added comfort.


Freedom Innovation

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