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ערכת עזר לבניית בתי גדם המאפשרת כיווץ והרחבה של בתי גדם להתאמה מרבית.

יתרונות הערכה

  • יצירת פנלים בהתאמה אישית לאזורים בעייתיים
  • וויסות לחץ להתאמה ואחיזה מושלמת
  • פתרון לסימס ובניית סל לקטיעת TT ועוד
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Click Medical


RevoFitTM adjustable prosthetic sockets promise the perfect fit all day, everyday.

Click. Adjust. Go!
With two fingers and a twist, patients easily adjust the compression of their Click Medical O&P devices for improved fit and function, whenever they need to.

  • No need to remove clothing.
  • No excess office visits.
  • Providers are 3x more likely to deliver the correct fit the first time.
  • Targeted Compression
    The adjustable multi-panel socket design can provide both global and targeted compression.
  • Adjustable Through Clothing
    There is no need to remove clothing to adjust your fit.
  • Micro/Macro Adjustments
    Each “click” of the Boa® dial provides 1mm of movement for compression. When used correctly the system can adjust for up to 10 ply of sock changes.
  • Seated Comfort
    The Boa® dial can easily be released though clothing to provide seated comfort and relief.
  • Rapid Donning & Doffing
    By releasing the tension in the system, donning and doffing becomes an easy experience.
  • High Strength
    The mechanical advantage Boa® dial is easy to operate and durable.


Click Medical

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